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Waterproof pocket for cell phone. To take your phone with you without the risk of getting it wet, use our waterproof pocket. It is equipped with an innovative closure: the three rows of magnets close automatically and seal tightly.

Waterproof case specially designed for smartphones ( ideal iphone pro MAXI ) ) It will protect your phone from sand, water, dust, snow...etc. It has two transparent sides to allow you to continue using all the functions of your phone.

Convenient for quick use.

We remind you that laptop batteries are generally equipped with a sticker that changes color if it is subjected to moisture and your warranty no longer applies. This pouch can therefore be a very profitable investment ....

- IPX 8 certified ( 1 hour under 10 m of water )
- very thin
- welded across the entire width, making it extremely hard-wearing
- transparent TPU 0.15mm optical quality, allowing you to take precise photos, receive and send calls without removing it from your pocket, and use touch screens
- highly resistant to abrasion, UV rays and extreme temperatures ( - 40° , + 100° )
- lace to put around the neck
- inside dimensions: 10.5 CM X 17 CM


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