Field and fish accessories include fishing socks, fishing gloves, fishing scissors and pliers, neck strap, landing net and magnet, polarizing glasses, wading stick, fishing cap, waterproof phone pocket, wading belt, nails fishing shoes, fly tool and lure … So many objects that make life easier for the fly and casting fisherman.

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Zinger extra

Zinger  pour pince et accessoires  , supporte une traction de 200gr

Zinger extra strong baton et épuisette

Zinger extra strong pour baton de wading et épuisette , supporte une traction de 350gr

Black wading stick

  unfolds instantly and is stored in its belt sheath

Coupe fil Rétractable avec cordon

Qualité militaire pour ce coupe fil rétractable avec mousqueton et cordon en acier inoxydable made in USA

Fishing cap

9CM visor with black anti-reflective coating

Racket fishnet wood varnished rubber

Varnished wooden racket net of 330 gr. with its non-aggressive rubber net which does not damage the fish and does

Light rubber racket fishnet

Very light 290 gr. wide racket net with aluminum frame and non-aggressive rubber net that will not damage the fish