Field & fish waders accompany fly and lure fishermen on rivers and lakes. Efficient, solid and innovative, they are made of flexible and breathable materials for your comfort. Our range also includes fishing waders. Our high quality waders are guaranteed and supplied with a repair kit. Exclusively, we make tailor-made waders for our fishermen.

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Waders breathable 5 L Expert

New Breathable 5-Layer Fishing Waders This 5-layer waders is even more efficient and innovative: exclusive system for removing your waders without hands, 5-layer fabric covering the top of the thighs and the buttocks in one piece, Neoprene liner rising higher and offering shin protection, system accordion inside the gaiter offering more ease. Possibility of transforming the waders into pants, delivered with large belt and mat.

Fishing pants Breathable 3 layer liner

VERY COMFORTABLE 3-PLY PANT, wide waistband with very soft interior that can be worn on the skin and prevent water from seeping in thanks to its micro-adjustment, same construction of the liner as our waders.

Sonic ultralight convertible 4 layers

ULTRASONIC BREATHABLE WADERS, the top for the walking fisherman, comfort of the flexible and breathable 4 layers, excellent insulation, possibility of transforming it into pants, delivered with wide belt and mat

Fishing waders with 4 layer liner

Fishing waders made of breathable fabric (same as the 4 layer waders). Side fastening system and tightening by means of

Fishing waders boots – Light


Glue seam grip