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Capeline very light and totally waterproof and breathable allowing you in case of rain to protect you protect and to keep your vest and accessories dry.

With hood and tightening pressure at the arms.

To carry in your back pocket of vest and once opened to use also as a ground sheet for your picnic, cover of protection car seat... thanks to its snap buttons. The new version takes into account the modifications requested to know more resistant pressures and longer sleeves.

Can be very useful when hiking!

Delivered in an identical waterproof fabric bag

Weight : 270 g

One size fits all

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7 reviews for Cape for Rain

  1. Lecouflet -

    I just used it in a's missing 10 to 15 cm of chest protection.
    It is necessary to think of the pockets filled with boxes in chest!
    As a result, the water flows on and in the pockets and even in the waders if you lean back (tree crossing in river...).
    Otherwise, nice product to help you out...while walking.
    Long live fly fishing.

    • Frederic LEROY -

      thank you for your comment, the length was calculated to cover the vest so that it looks like a house roof
      and that the water flows outwards

  2. Field&Fish Customer -

    Very disappointed.

    Way too short to be effective. I had read the previous reviews where it was reported that the cape had been revised! Too bad. I won't be able to use it.

    Hello ,

    we have indeed lengthened the sleeves, regarding the length of the front and back

    this one is perfectly studied to be worn above the vest or chest pack, indeed

    It acts like a roof and the water drops are evacuated towards the outside; if however, the article does not suit you, you can send it back to us.

  3. Field&Fish Customer -

    minimalist protection but enough for most times. I also use it in the mountains to complement my light windbreaker in the rain.

  4. Field&Fish Customer -

    I've only used it once but it is well sized and well designed.

  5. Field&Fish Customer -

    In my opinion of assiduous fisherman, it would be necessary to increase the volume at the level of the chest to cover well my chest pack and other fishing vests.

  6. Field&Fish Customer -

    Useful, small size, light weight, good quality
    Good quality product and very clever

  7. Client Field & Fish -

    Nice to meet you

    Very satisfied, I will even say delighted with the product, I will recommend it to all my friends.
    jacqmouche .be

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