How do I equip myself for reservoir fishing?

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How do I equip myself for reservoir fishing?

Fall fishing on reservoirs and second-class rivers is quite an adventure, my friends! When autumn arrives, with all its gloomy weather, you have to be ready to face the elements. Whether on the vast expanses of water in England or elsewhere, there's always that constant challenge of rain that falls relentlessly and a wind that refuses to let up, putting the angler's tenacity to the test.

I'm telling you, there's nothing worse than coming home prematurely because of the bone-chilling cold or being soaked to the skin. This is where the equipment becomes the hero of the story, guaranteeing a fishing experience that's as enjoyable as it is fruitful, even when the weather's playing spoilsport.

So, let's talk about the equipment that allows me to brave the elements without losing my smile, even when the sky seems to be dumping all its buckets of water on my head. Let's forget the rods and reels for a moment, and focus on the essentials that keep me dry and warm.

Let's start with the upper body, the brain of the operation:

A cap with a well-adjusted waterproof hood or a beanie There's no better way to keep a cool head, literally. A cap paired with a waterproof hood or a warm beanie makes all the difference in the world when it comes to staying focused on your fishing, even when the weather's acting up.

A turn of the neck Ah, the tour de couthat unsung hero. In cold weather, it's like a scarf for your fishing soul. It protects you from the icy wind while adding a much-needed layer of warmth.

Technical underwear Cotton, which retains moisture like a sponge, is out. I opt for technical materials like merino wool or a thin fleece as a first layer. Sweat evacuation, my friends, is the key.

The second layer A thick fleece or a quilted jacket - that's how I add an intermediate layer of warmth. It's like a cocoon that retains my body heat, even when the weather tries to steal it from me.

The waterproof jacket The Holy Grail of my equipment. A jacket with a breathable membrane that wicks away moisture while protecting me from wind and rain. And, my friends, a parka that covers my lower back is the icing on the cake when I'm sitting for hours on end.

A thermal inflatable vest A little extra warmth is always welcome. In fact, this this practical regulates your temperature thanks to an internal valve that blows air to keep you comfortable. An inflatable thermal vest, and I'm ready for the cooler weather.

Polarized glasses My eyes need protection too. Polarized glasses improve my vision in poor lighting conditions and reduce that annoying glare caused by water reflection.

Now let's move on to the lower part, where the magic happens in the legs:

MERINOS wool socks Thanks to their ability to regulate temperature, they maintain a pleasant warmth in cold weather and dissipate excess heat in more active moments. These modest companions prove to be tireless guardians of your feet, ensuring warmth, comfort and protection against the vagaries of the weather.

Lightweight underwear Protect your legs from the cold with lightweight lightweight underwearThis is the first step before putting on your wading pants.

Wading pants Ah, the wading pantsa must-have accessory. Durable, waterproof, with matching shoes, they're like a suit of armor that makes launching the boat easier and keeps me dry even in the wettest areas.

There you have it, my friends, with these gear tips, I'm ready to face the harsh autumn conditions, ready for a memorable fishing session. And remember, staying comfortable and dry is the key to enjoying our passion to the full, whatever the weather. So, come rain or shine, me and my gear are ready to take on the challenge!



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