Our modular fishing tackle

Modular fishing tackle

At Field&Fish, we're proud to offerinnovative , modular fishing tackle that meets all your fishing needs in a sustainable way. We have developed a range of products designed for beginners and experienced anglers alike, always keeping in mind the need to design durable items using quality materials.

Our aim is to enable you to go on a fishing trip, whether for a day or a few hours, with complete peace of mind and everything you need to have a good time. That's why we've developed several modular products to accompany you on your next fishing trip.

Our flagship products include a waterproof pouch with loops that can be hung anywhere, so you can keep your fishing accessories close at hand.

We've also developed a Chest Pack with a modular backpack, so you can store all the gear you need for your fishing trip. But it will also come in handy for shorter outings, and even for your other outdoor activities, thanks to its removable back that can double up as a lightweight rucksack.

Our new customizable caps, in gray and blue, are modular too! They come with a Velcro badge that you can interchange at will, or even hang on another item of clothing of your choice.

Our latest innovation is a new parka with an additional waterproof pocket, so you can take your bait and other accessories with you in complete safety, even in wet weather. Thanks to the loops on the front pockets, you can also attach other fishing accessories as required.

Most of our products, even if they are specific to fishing, are designed to be used for your other outdoor activities. We guarantee you high-quality, durable products that meet all your fishing and sporting requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about these products!

Field and Fish

Field and Fish

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