Fly box
Fly box in "foam hyperlight" of 50 grams. Closed with a...
Waterproof fishing backpack 20L
New waterproof fishing backpack (watertight zips), with a...
Score 5.00 out of 5
Waterproof bag duffle guide 50L
Waterproof fishing bag, capacity 50 L SPECIAL OFFER
Score 4.75 out of 5
Chest Pack backpack
Chest pack with removable backpack for your outings...
Rating 4.29 out of 5
Fishing bag
Score 4.75 out of 5
Waterproof bag pack
Waterproof bag pack: "Chest pack waterproof fishing" + "Bag...
Cork fly box
Cork from Portugal Capacity: 192 flies Good stability

Field and Fish presents its LUGGAGE AND BOXES category

Which luggage to choose for fishing?

Which brand to choose for your fishing luggage?

The company Ephemera, based in Saint Jorioz, has designed and developed the products Field and Fish, a brand specialized in fishing articles, mainly technical fishing clothes. You will also find in our range, waterproof luggage and chest packs for fly fishing, lure fishing, exotic fishing, sport fishing, but also other items adapted to your different fishing techniques.

How are they made?

We use innovative, resistant, waterproof and lightweight materials .... Tips such as: a waterproof zip, adjustable compartments, thermo-welded pockets to prevent water ingress.

All our luggage is manufactured using benchmark components developed by world-renowned companies. We are also extremely demanding when it comes to the quality of our products.

In our "Luggage" category, the travel bags have a large storage capacity and several compartments. You'll be able to travel and store your rods, fishing tackle, fly boxes, etc., as well as your storage boxes and other items.

This luggage accompanies and never leaves the fly fisherman and caster during his outings in the river, lake or sea and will keep your products dry, as it is waterproof.

We offer a range of waterproof, unsinkable bags and chest packs that can also be used for diving or sailing. You will also find accessories that will fit perfectly with your practice.

Also note that in the waterproof luggage range, you'll find travel bags to carry all your gear. This includes accessories such as rods, reels, flies, lures and fishing clothes.

The maximum capacity of Field and Fish wheeled suitcases is 120 liters. The minimum capacity of a backpack is about 17 liters.

Field & Fish luggage is intelligent, because it can be modulated. For example, when traveling, you can use the cargo bag to separate the upper and lower sections. This saves space and secures your gear. Or add the chest pack to the front of the backpack.

What is the best way to go fly fishing?

Luggage depends on what you're going to use it for. If it's going to be used on the river, it's best to bring it close to home. Don't forget that you'll need to keep your gear dry and your wet gear dry! In our range, you'll find fully waterproof bags to keep your gear safe and dry. You'll also find bags to carry your wet gear.

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