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MICHELIN Wading Light fishing shoes
MICHELIN soles Excellent grip Perfect water evacuation Lightweight and...
Score 5.00 out of 5
EASY GRIP overshoes
One size fits all overshoes. Weight : 320 grams per pair....
Score 4.50 out of 5
MERINOS socks for fishing in waders
French-made socks, long version (also available in short...
Rating 4.63 out of 5
Light fishing waders
SPECIAL OFFER! End of series Boots convertible into waders...
Score 4.60 out of 5

Field and Fish presents its Shoes and Socks category

Which wading shoes are best for fishing?
What are the criteria for an effective and comfortable pair of wading shoes?

At Field and Fish, we started from a simple observation: wading shoes on the market are often too heavy, difficult to put on and uncomfortable. So we decided to remedy this by innovating. We've come up with a new-generation fishing shoe that meets all consumer expectations.
Who are you working with to produce this shoe?
We decided to develop our new shoe soles in partnership with the French company Michelin. A sole that not only performs well on rocks! Based on Michelin winter tire technology, the ATOP and LIGHT fishing shoe soles guarantee superior grip on all types of terrain.

What's more, the new Atop shoe is made in the cradle of mountain footwear: in ITALY, not far from Treviso.

Indeed, these soles are directly inspired by the ALPINE tire, which provides excellent grip on wet surfaces thanks to its siping pattern. You will feel a perfect evacuation of water thanks to its wide grooves. We find a constant traction with a good roll of the foot, stability and increased durability. Moreover, you always have the possibility of screwing nails in the 9 places provided for this purpose, to be prepared in case of fishing on difficult ground! A quiet and pleasant fishing, and the end of the troubles to put on your wading shoes!

In your shoe, an ingenious system of zips and straps holds your foot in place:

The "WADING LIGHT" shoe's YKK zipper is sandwiched between two strips of stretch neoprene, ensuring optimum comfort in your shoe.
Two straps enable you to adjust the width of the shoe precisely.
The shoe's sturdiness is also assured. We've sewn and glued a stone guard all around the upper, in imitation leather.
The upper is made of canvas, a highly resistant material that dries quickly.
The inside of your shoes is comfortable thanks to a removable air-cushioned sole.

Information & tips:
Field and Fish wading shoe sizes include the thickness of the neoprene lining of waders or wading pants. Also, to preserve your wading shoes and avoid premature wear, we recommend drying them in the shade. Occasionally grease the seams of your shoes to prevent them from drying out.