Tips and repairs for your fishing equipment

repair neoprene waders

Many of you ask us for information on repairs and routine maintenance of your equipment. 


Naturally, we'll start with your shoes. Once your fishing trip is over, dry your shoes in the shade in a dry, airy place out of the sun. Take out your soles and hose down the inside to remove sand and other debris.

Once your shoes are clean, you can spray them from time to time with our avocado oil-based combo spray. This prevents seams and fabrics from drying out.

For the three seams of the stone guard, and for those who rub their shoes against the rocks, I invite you to coat them. Either with transparent silicone (bathroom sealant type) or with seam grip glue, which remains flexible.

For the velcro and zip system, clean the velcro to remove weeds with a toothbrush. Grease the zip and fastener if you're fishing in salt water. If the zip becomes a little hard, rub it with kerosene (candle).

For the wheel system, if sand or dirt seize the system, don't panic, just pull the two cables and pressure-clean the system. Everything should be back to normal. You can also spray the system (inside) with silicone spray.


We've already talked about cleaning them, and we've got some effective products that you can put in your machine without damaging them. They'll look like new again. There are two types of leak: one due to a tear (barbed wire, etc.), which is easy to repair. Once you've identified your leak, cut a piece of the grey strip supplied in the repair kit and, using a polyester iron, stick the strip on the white side of the tear. The heat from the iron will release the glue on the inside of the waders. On the outside, use seam grip glue, which will remain flexible after drying. For neoprene booties and gaiters, we have a special neoprene strip to be applied right side up and inside out.

For a leak you don't often see at the seams, fill your waders with water by turning them inside out. This should show (mark with typex). Either it's a simple leak, and you can use seam grip glue on the seams, it should be fine. If the leak is more serious (on many seams), unfortunately, it's time to change waders. 

When removing your waders, be careful NOT to pull on the seams, but on the toe of the liner. That's why we've invented an exclusive system to help you remove your waders (strap in the gaiter), and to dry your waders by folding them in half on a hanger or clothesline. Avoid hanging your waders by the straps, as these will lose their elasticity.

Products with zips

For other products with zips, use kerosene from time to time if you find that they are difficult to open. For zippers on waterproof products, use Vaseline, which remains greasy even in water and sunlight.

On most of our products, we use YKK brand zippers, a guarantee of quality, and on our waders, we choose the best fabrics from Japan.

If you use your equipment in salt water, remember to rinse it after your session to remove the salt. We've gone to great lengths to ensure that our products offer you maximum comfort and safety. Look after them and they'll last you a long time.

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  1. Hello I took wader And shoe from you with system auto closure, all is well except that I slip a lot despite the Michelin soles, what to do, I thought of putting nail and some strip of felt? Thanks

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