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Waterproof cell phone pouch. To take your phone with you without the risk of getting it wet, use our waterproof pocket with two levels of closure to prevent water penetration.

Waterproof case designed specifically for smartphones (max size I PHONE 6), it will protect your phone from sand, water, dust, snow ... etc.. It has two transparent sides to allow you to continue using all the functions of your phone.

Convenient for quick use.

We remind you that laptop batteries are generally equipped with a sticker that changes color if it is subjected to moisture and your warranty no longer applies. This pouch can therefore be a very profitable investment ....

- IPX 8 certified ( 1 hour under 10 m of water )
- very thin
- full width welding, giving it a very high resistance
- Transparent part in TPU 0,15mm optical quality, allowing to make precise photos to receive and to send calls without removing it from its pocket, use of the touch screens
- very resistant to abrasion, UV, resists extreme temperatures (- 40 °, + 100 °)
- lace to put around the neck
- interior dimensions: 14.5 CM X 7 CM

8 reviews for Waterproof cell phone pouch

  1. PEDUZZI Lionel -

    Formidable invention... at least there's no risk to the phone in the event of a dive! the only small criticism: it's a little tight to fit the phone in the case, a few extra millimeters would have been enough to make it easier, apart from that it's very practical, and the use of the phone isn't disrupted by the protection, which is really good.

  2. dawn -

    Disappointed because this pouch is too small for my phone, will serve at best to house a fishing license. Has nothing to do with the one in the demo video...

    • Frederic LEROY -

      hello , the size of the pouch was on the site , we also have a watertight pouch for larger sizes.

  3. Field&Fish Customer -

    With my mobile SAMSUNG J6 in this waterproof pocket, I took pictures of my last trout caught before release, during these few days of fishing before the closing in first category. It is an accessory that I consider indispensable to protect my cell phone from an unwanted PLOUF. Before using this pocket, I never took any pictures of my fish for fear of dropping my mobile in the water. Now I go with confidence, and I can keep souvenir photos of my best catches. This is to say of this accessory, it no longer leaves my fishing bag.

  4. Field&Fish Customer -

    practical waterproof but to be seen in time

  5. Field&Fish Customer -

    Good product, well waterproof. But the pocket is a bit small for the new smartphones which are too big for this pocket.

  6. Field&Fish Customer -

    Very good product but opening and closing a little stiff

  7. Field&Fish Customer -

    good protection

  8. Field&Fish Customer -

    Maybe a bit difficult to open, is the waterproofness of the pouch the cause?

    Hello Jean Marc,

    Yes it's normal, it needs to get a bit done. I advise you to open and close it several times. Then it should be easier to open.

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