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Our polarized glasses for field and fish fishing will accompany you wherever you go on the water, protecting your eyes and allowing you to see without being dazzled.

For your comfort, these polarized fishing goggles include :

- TR90 frames, extremely light and resistant, with rubber nose pieces and ears for maximum comfort.

- 3 sets of interchangeable polycarbonate lenses, very easy to change and all of which are very wraparound and 100% UV resistant.

- a grey category 3, polarizing, anti-scratch set, for moments near water with intense sunlight. This color transmits all the colors of the spectrum and causes little distortion.

- a brown set category 2, polarizing, anti-scratch, for days of variable sunlight. This color also improves contrast.

- a yellow set category 0 (non-polarizing) to lighten the darker moments at the end of the day or on overcast days. This color intensifies the light and is therefore suitable for low light conditions.

- a rigid box with a hook and two belt loops with compartments inside to store your glasses

- a glasses wiper

- and finally a strap to pass around the neck with a system of adjustment of the length which will allow a great comfort and will avoid you to lose your glasses.

What color polarized glass for fishing?

When choosing the color of polarized lenses for fishing, you need to take into account the environment and light conditions in which they will be used:

  • Grey: Ideal for sunny days and bright conditions. Reduces overall glare without altering natural colors.

  • Yellow or Gold: Improves contrast and depth of vision in low-light conditions, such as early morning or late afternoon. Perfect for overcast days.

  • Brown or Copper: Enhances contrast and clarity in a variety of light conditions. An excellent choice for fresh and saltwater fishing, they filter out blue light, improving depth perception and contrast.

  • Green: Improves contrast and ensures good visual clarity in changing conditions. Perfect for freshwater fishing.

The choice of color for polarized lenses therefore depends on your fishing environment and your specific needs for an optimal experience.

What are the advantages of polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses offer several significant advantages, particularly suited to fishing and other outdoor activities:

  • Glare reduction: They minimize the glare caused by the sun reflecting off water and other surfaces, allowing clearer, more comfortable vision.

  • Improved underwater visibility: By reducing glare, polarized lenses enable anglers to see more clearly below the water's surface, which is crucial for spotting fish and other underwater features.

  • UV protection: Most polarized lenses offer protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, reducing the risk of long-term eye damage.

  • Reduced eye fatigue: By eliminating intense glare and offering clear vision, they help reduce eye fatigue during prolonged outdoor use.


7 reviews for Polarized fishing goggles

  1. Field&Fish Customer -

    Very nice polarized glasses
    High quality service, and very respectful of the customers' opinion and conditions . Regarding the glasses, I am very satisfied with the design, comfort and cord. So very satisfied with the high quality product of polarizer. The only small B soft ... The box for the glasses, not strong enough.

  2. Field&Fish Customer -

    the glasses hold well and the visibility of water is perfect, product to recommend

  3. Field&Fish Customer -

    Very light glasses, practical with its 3 colors of glasses even if I use only 2 colors.

  4. Field&Fish Customer -

    Great product at an unbeatable price. I can't live without it.

  5. Field&Fish Customer -

    Really great glasses for a very affordable price! With these 3 pairs of glasses it's really great to vary in each situation, a very nice and practical case! I recommend it without hesitation!

  6. Client Field & Fish -

    See you soon!

    I bought the glasses, very good quality, I am pleasantly surprised. Moreover, the delivery time is very short (less than a week between the order and the delivery), I thank the team for its seriousness and professionalism. See you soon for the rest of my order!

  7. Client Field & Fish -

    Thank you Field and Fish

    Great product for the price!

    Delivered on time and I actually recommended 2 more pairs for my buddies!!!

    Thank you Field and Fish for a product that lives up to its description.

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