How to choose a fly fishing net ?

The fishing net is an essential element of the sport fisherman's kit! At Field and Fish you will find a complete range of landing nets, for all your fishing needs!

A good landing net must above all respect the good condition of the release of your fish, so we prefer here, a landing net with rubber net.

A light fishing net in price and weight:

Our light landing net, the first price in our range, offers you the best value for money. Indeed, both light in weight and price, 300 grams, it has a mesh net and an aluminum contour.


The Field and Fish Fishing Net which is our best selling :

You will find our flagship product, with this fishing net of 290 grams! This light rubber landing net has the particularity of using a new rubber material net, the interest of this new mesh is threefold: you don't remove the slime from the fish, your hooks don't get stuck and you don't have any smell of the fish that remains.


Vintage Field and Fish Fishing Net:

Discover the landing net as in its time, vintage. For those who are looking for a beautiful object, we propose a landing net made of rot-proof exotic wood! This one is delivered with a rubber net. In addition to the details above, there is the transparency of this one when it is in the water: the fish does not see the net of your landing net and thus you will not have any more the fateful turn of the fish which sees the net.


Finally, the "Nec + ultra", the Field and Fish fishing net in carbon fiber!

A new version is offered with a carbon fiber landing net and a transparent rubber net which has all the advantages described above. The advantage of this beautiful landing net is its light weight and the robust material with the new rubber net.

This superb "light" landing net made of carbon fiber brings lightness and strength . On the handle you will find a non-slip grip in matte color. The net is rather deep, about 27 cms, characterized by its transparent rubber. The rubber net has many advantages: no hooks that get caught in the mesh, no smell of fish mucus. In addition, the fish does not see the net in the water. This net also ensures immediate drying. You will also find a system of attachment on the net, for your jacket, chest pack, or fishing vest.


All our landing nets are delivered with a system allowing you to hang your landing net on a fishing vest ring or a chest pack. We invite you to leave the net in the water and photograph your fish in it in order to release it with good chances of survival, the fish having given you so much pleasure.

Field and Fish

Field and Fish

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