New 5-layer EXPERT II waders

Expert II 5-layer breathable waders

5-layer waders expert 2: For your fishing sessions, Field and Fish has come up with a new version of the waders and now offers you the 5-layer waders EXPERT 2. Completing our range of fishing clothing, these waders are comfortable, practical and, above all, innovative.

Our new 5-layer waders have been reinvented: discover the EXPERT 2 version.

Our new 5-layer waders feature a slimmer, closer-to-the-body cut and less fabric in the legs, to further enhance customer satisfaction. 5 C is replaced by a new, more supple fabric that is just as hard-wearing.  

The expert 2 5-layer waders feature 2 innovative and exclusive systems:

First, on the inside of the legs, to adjust the fit of the crotch to your liking.

Secondly by including a strap on the waders. This makes it easier to remove the waders by putting your foot through this strap. In addition, once the fishing session is over, you can hang your fishing clothes by these straps. Avoiding hanging it by the straps and that they end up relaxing... A real guarantee of practicality!

The 5-layer breathable fabric from which the waders are cut is mounted higher than in the previous version for better protection and comfort.

In addition, the inside of the gaiter is made of a strip of fabric that is accordion-like. This allows you to relax, extend or retract, depending on your movements. Thanks to this fabric protecting your legs and ensuring a real comfort, you will be able to remove the waders more easily.

Finally, the seams inside the waders are offered in double stripes, with one stripe at 5mm and another at 20mm. We are the only brand to offer this service.

In order for you to visualize this new product a little better, you can find a video below or on our Youtube channel.

If you wish to consult and even get this article, do not hesitate to discover its product sheet.

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Field and Fish

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    I have just bought waters expert version I would like to know the duration of the warranty thank you

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