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Thanks to the contribution of MICHELIN on our shoes fishing shoes, we offer you superior grip on all types of terrain. In fact, these soles are directly inspired by the "ALPIN" snow tire. This is where its excellent grip on wet surfaces.

You will observe a perfect evacuation thanks to its eyelets on the inside of the shoe. The mixed material of fabric and sole will guarantee you a very good a very good rolling of the foot. The sole, made of high quality rubber, coupled with the weight of the shoe (600 grams for a size 43) will ensure a stability and durability durability of the product. Concerning the nails, there is the possibility of screwing them in the 9 places provided for this purpose.


  • Set up with a simple, effective slip-on system, they're as comfortable as slippers, and provide good foot support. This ingenious system is made up of zips and straps. The YKK zip is sandwiched between two strips of stretch neoprene for optimum comfort.
  • The two straps allow precise adjustment to the width of your foot. Sturdiness is also on the agenda, with a stone guard sewn and glued all around the upper, in imitation leather. The upper is made of canvas. This material is quick-drying and highly resistant. 


  • To choose your size, it's important to take into account your street shoe size, the thickness of the liner (+/- 3mm) and the possibility of wearing a large pair of socks.
  • To preserve your shoes and avoid premature wear, we advise you to dry them in the shade and grease the seams to prevent them from drying out. Better still, apply seam grip or transparent silicone glue to the seams (3 needles from the stone guard ).
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Sizes available: 42 to 46/47

Technical details

- MICHELIN outsole with the possibility of screwing 9 nails per shoe
- polyester canvas upper fabric, very resistant and quick drying
- interior of the shoe with padded sole for more comfort
- wide, glued and stitched stone guard band with three stitches
- reinforced toe and heel caps for better foot protection
- hook for wader gaiters

- delivered in a reusable mesh bag to avoid dirtying your trunk

- YKK zip

- velcro adjustment specially designed to resist the current

- 1200 gr the pair ( 43 ) with MICHELIN sole

Injected EVA foam midsole


Product care

CAUTION: To dry your shoes, store them in a dry and ventilated area. Do not place them on a heat source as this could damage the sole.

12 reviews for MICHELIN Wading Light Fishing Shoes

  1. PEDUZZI Lionel -

    Simply brilliant shoes, the "velcro zip" compromise is very effective, comfort and foot support are perfect, product recommended by a friend... for the size I followed Frédéric's advice, wearing a 41/5 I took a 42 and it's perfect!!! after about ten outings at present no problem, I added the "Easy grip" nets for more grip, a real pleasure... many thanks to the whole team for the advice and the speed of delivery, it's really appreciated.

  2. kris.daug -

    I was looking for light shoes for wet wading.
    The only ones I could find to my liking were Japanese caravans. Then I came across field and fish and their shoes. They're my birthday present and frankly I'm not disappointed. They're light, perfect with my different neoprene booties. The nature test will be carried out soon in Ariege. I'll add to the list later, but it's all good...plus super fast shipping.

  3. Edouard FARINES -

    These wading shoes are simply brilliant. I have the zip and Velcro version. They're comfortable, light and very easy to put on. Where I used to struggle with my other shoes. Putting these on is a breeze. I felt good in them from the very first try, like a real slipper. And the sole grips really well. You feel safe, nothing to do with other types of sole where I felt like I was constantly on ice. Really happy with my purchase.

  4. CARETTI Jean -

    I was looking for shoes with grip in all conditions, especially on the slippery, submerged rocks of the Haut Cantal streams. I found a good, safe compromise in these shoes, which do the job in all circumstances in the water and on the banks! I really recommend them.

  5. patricksajous75 -

    For many years I've tried almost every brand of WADING shoes.
    My problem was that my feet were very deformed and very arched.
    Putting them on was a nightmare!
    With the Ultrasonic waders, the grip on the shoe holds very well, and the neoprene gaiter covers the top of the shoe perfectly. Still to be tested in the field, but I don't have too many worries.

  6. Marco -

    Very good! Comodi, leggeri, non si inzuppano d'acqua, i velcro chiudono meglio del precedente modello (già buono). La suola, poi, è spettacolare, con grande tenuta, sia in acqua, sia fuori.
    Acquisto del tutto consigliabile

  7. folope -

    The best of the best!
    I have had several pairs of wading shoes and they are by far the best.grip,lightness and comfort.buy them with your eyes closed.bravo field and fish.

  8. Field&Fish Customer -

    I can tell you that I was well informed about the product and its size I ordered wading shoes Michelin soles I can tell you that the size super I would believe myself in slippers I sinned several masted no felt discomfort super comfortable and especially the soles I I can't believe how well they hooked, not once did I slip, but I can tell you that the river I'm fishing is very slippery and moreover without having put in the nails that I was offered, very nice of them, thank you. I strongly recommend this purchase, you won't be disappointed with the product.
    Thanks again to field fish

  9. Field&Fish Customer -

    Super happy with these wading shoes!!! Incredible grip with the Michelin sole in and out of the water, by far the best wading shoes I've had. I took the ones with the scratch. Very good foot hold and super light shoes. I don't regret selling my Patagonia foot tractors (much, much too heavy for me). I just removed the screws, which I felt when walking, and which did not bring much in terms of grip. I was a little afraid of the solidity, but after 10 outings, nothing to say, they have not moved. Extremely satisfied!

  10. Vincent Deconchat -

    Super Watschuhe! Keine Eingewöhnung notwendig, sitzen top und sind praktisch an- und auszuziehen wegen des haltbaren Klettverschlusses. Die Sohle hat mich vollends überzeugt wegen ihrer perfekten rutschhemmenden Haftung. Selbst ausserhalb des Gewässers kann man in Sicherheit laufen ohne sich Gedanken auszurutschen. The size fits me to the normal size and is not a problem. So macht Angeln Spass!

  11. Jean-Michel PLANAS -

    Wading shoes ordered on monday, received on tuesday and tried the same day on a river which is a real ice rink with a lot of foam. Verdict: the shoe really catches on the rocks without foam and slides very slightly on the foam. In any case, I have never felt so safe.
    25 minutes of approach walking and it's a real treat! Lightness and comfort of the sole are a real plus to fight against fatigue.
    Another positive point is the ease of putting them on with the zipper and the velcro.
    As for the size, I wear 41.5 and I took 42. It's perfect with my 5mm waders.
    For the solidity, we will see in the long run.
    In short, my first outing was a treat. I hope to hear from you soon!

  12. Jean-Baptiste POURRE -

    Superb shoes! The grip offered by the Michelin sole is more than amazing, even impressive, the river may be slippery but it becomes difficult to fall.
    Already a few sessions with them and I am conquered. I don't even take my easy-grip anymore. I have not yet nailed the pair, to see if in use I will do it in very slippery rivers.

    For those who have the same brand of waders, the grip on the shoe holds well throughout the day.

    Never disappointed by the field and fish team, you can go there with your eyes closed!

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