MERINOS socks for fishing in waders

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Chaussettes de fabrication française version longue (existe en version courte en taille 39/40 , 41/42 et 43/44) .


Chaussettes pour la pêche en laine MERINOS avec intérieur bouclé présentant 3 concepts techniques :

Ergo Tech : cela vous garantit un contrôle optimal de vos mouvements : le Talon est tricoté en 3D, avec des renforts au niveau du talon et des orteils, bord “souple” en haut de la chaussette pour s’adapter à toutes les tailles de mollets, taille ajustée au pied pour obtenir un ajustement parfait.

Adaptation optimale au pied : serrage de la voûte plantaire et des malléoles pour un ajustement précis.

3-layer system: Three-layer knitting: the central polyamide weave ensures strength, dimensional stability and moisture transfer to the outside. This weave forms the backbone of the product.

The outer layer is made of thermo-regulating material and provides protection against the elements: it is a thermal shield. The inner layer is a cushion that provides cushioning, comfort and thermal regulation.


Vous trouverez les tailles 39/40 41/42 et 43/44 en version courte.

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17% POLYAMIDE (for a better resistance to the heel)


10 reviews for MERINOS socks for fishing in waders

  1. didi2420 -

    On the advice of Frederic, I did well to buy them because they are top, comfortable and warm (merino wool) and Frenchy product. what to say more ....ben nothing if not perfect.

  2. Field&Fish Customer -

    Fishing in waders
    The opportunity will arise very soon to try these pairs of socks during my fishing trips on the upper Allier. I don't really want to freeze my feet in my waders especially in cold water. I have no doubt about the comfort and warmth that this product can provide throughout a day of fishing.

  3. Field&Fish Customer -

    Socks very pleasant to wear. Not yet tested for cold weather

  4. Field&Fish Customer -

    Good quality product
    Comfortable and warm, I recommend

  5. Field&Fish Customer -

    very comfortable

  6. Field&Fish Customer -

    good product

  7. Field&Fish Customer -


    Very warm socks, used with my summer wader in March 2019 (8 degree water).

  8. Field&Fish Customer -

    To recommend
    Very good product, for fishing in waders and hiking.

  9. pike -

    Finally made in France with a lot of quality.

  10. NEMO -

    They are not ordinary socks, doubled at the level of the supports of the sole of the foot and the heel, that reinforces the shock-absorption and the comfort at the time of the parts of fishing, in the arranged grounds, and/or uneven. They keep the muscles and joints warm, socks of "sport fishermen", who must preserve themselves from all strains.

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