Black wading stick

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The baton unfolds instantly and is stored in its belt sheath

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Black stainless steel wading stick, foldable to advance or stabilize in the water safely:

- adjustable length 1,20 m to 1,35 m , folded 30 cm

- tungsten tip protected by anti-noise damper
- adaptable washer
- 5 strands with conical interlocking held by a double internal elastic
- ergonomic molded handle
- neoprene bag with adaptor to attach to the lumbar wading belt
- bottom of the bag in mesh allowing water to drain away

Maximum length 1.35 m , weight 390 gr[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

22 avis pour Bâton de wading noir

  1. didierhory -

    Après quelques sorties de pêche je constate les deux points négatifs suivants :
    -Le bâton est un peu lourd et son poids se fait sentir quelque soit l’endroit qu’on a trouvé pour le porter (Gillet, chest pack ou ceinture).
    -La housse est mal conçue car elle ne comporte ni passant de ceinture véritable ni anneau pour la fixer.
    Mais globalement le rapport qualité/prix reste favorable.

  2. lucine -

    very good, just lacks a clip to fix it to a retractor, too bad

    • Field&Fish Customer -

      you can attach a retractor to the wrist strap

  3. Field&Fish Customer -

    Fast, careful shipping, the product, not yet tested, seems to be of good quality as usual.

  4. Field&Fish Customer -

    Good quality/price ratio
    Meets my expectations

  5. Field&Fish Customer -

    I lost my wading rod and needed a new one quickly to fish.not too expensive,practical and adjustable in height.five days later my product was here,bravo FIELD AND FISH,I will remember it.

  6. Field&Fish Customer -

    Overall, the product is good. A small drawback is its use on muddy ground. The rubber cap gets stuck in the mud (you can lose it) and if the stick is stuck between two rocks, it falls off when you pull it out. For the rest it's ok.

  7. Field&Fish Customer -

    to avoid falls
    Product conforms to my expectations

  8. Field&Fish Customer -

    Almost perfect
    Stick OK, does its job, but the quiver attachment tab should not be horizontal but vertical, it's a circus to hang it, we do not even pass it in the belt of the wading or other system often provided for an attachment in vertical position.

  9. Field&Fish Customer -

    Very useful product Stores and unfolds easily

  10. Field&Fish Customer -

    a little too long

  11. Field&Fish Customer -

    Used a few days on a difficult river, I am satisfied with the product. It is easy to deploy and to store. The only drawback is that the strap has already come off, the screw had unscrewed. I put it back in place, let's hope that it will still hold during the next trips.

  12. Field&Fish Customer -


    Lightweight product that is easy to forget when attached to the Field and Fish wading belt.

  13. olivier bertholomé -

    Very satisfied

    PS: I had not paid attention to the stars, I give 4.

  14. olivier bertholomé -

    Very satisfied

    PS: I had not paid attention to the stars, I give 4.

  15. olivier bertholomé -

    Very satisfied

    PS: I had not paid attention to the stars, I give 4.

  16. olivier bertholomé -

    very satisfied

    PS: I had not paid attention to the stars, I give 4

  17. olivier bertholomé -

    Very satisfied

    I fish in a capricious river and the stick is very useful.
    The weight is not a problem, on the contrary it allows the stick not to have to fight against the current to keep it stable when you move. The only reproach that I could make is that it is stainless steel color, side discretion not top, it would have been better in black or covered with plastisol.

  18. -

    Very good wading stick. Maybe a bit heavy, but that's the counterpart of its solidity. For safety reasons, like for a landing net, you should use an elastic cord to avoid losing it in a strong river. Moreover, with a cord, you can place the stick hanging on your back, cord on your shoulder, without having to dismantle it to fish. Very good quality / price ratio.

  19. christ_s -

    A little disappointed, the last rung at the bottom doesn't fit well, I'll have to modify it.

  20. rogblo1938 -

    Excellent value for money. However, I would have rated this product 5 stars if it had a rubber band attached to the wading belt, which would avoid folding the pole when you are in a stream.

  21. LAFUSTE -

    Great wading stick. Small, very light and visibly strong. Finally a wading stick at an affordable price. And in addition of quality.

  22. Xav 350 -

    What a surprise!!! Already sent very fast! When I unpacked it, it was great, the stick folded in its neoprene sheath is tiny, smaller than a pocket umbrella, unfolding like on the video. Very happy with my purchase Field and Fish, a very satisfied customer

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