MICHELIN ATOP tightening fishing shoes

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Excellent grip with MICHELIN treads

on all surfaces

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Lightweight and strong

for added stability, air-cushioned sole.

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ATOP clamping system

adjustable-tension lacing


Available sizes: 44 and 46/47


Thanks to the addition of MICHELIN soles to our ATOP System fishing shoes, we can offer you superior grip on all types of terrain. In fact, these soles are directly inspired by the "Alpin" snow tire which gives them excellent grip on wet surfaces. You'll notice perfect water evacuation thanks to eyelets on the inside of the shoe.. The combination of fabric and sole materials guarantees excellent foot roll. The sole, made of top-quality rubber, coupled with the shoe's weight (600 grams for a size 44), ensures greater stability and durability. Nails can be screwed into the 9 slots provided.


To complement our light shoe with central zipwe have designed this shoe for perfect perfect support for both strong and thin feet. What's more, you benefit from quick and easy to put on thanks to the ATOP system from adjustable-tension lacing system which proves highly effective. The cable is sheathed to avoid cutting the fabric. If necessary, a repair kit is available, including cable and tightening knob. Excellent foot and ankle support. Sturdiness is also on the agenda, with a stone guard sewn and glued all around the upper, in imitation leather. The canvas upper is highly resistant and quick-drying.

Our advice for your fishing shoes:

To choose your size, it's important to take into account the size of your city shoes. We take into account the thickness of the liner (+/- 3mm) and the possibility of wearing a large pair of socks.

Wading shoe sizes include the thickness of the neoprene liner of waders or wading pants.

To care for and protect your shoes prevent premature wearwe recommend that youdry them in the shade. You can grease the seams from time to time to prevent them from drying out. Even better, apply seam grip or transparent silicone glue to the seams (3 needles of the stone guard

Available sizes: 44 and 46/47. No restocking possible but... Click on the link below for the missing sizes!

Good news: a NEW ATOP MODEL MADE in ITALY is in stock.

Technical details

Thanks to MICHELIN, these ATOP fishing shoes give you superior grip on all all types of terrain.

  • Wheel lock "System ATOP" SYSTEM
  • Michelin Soles" outsole. 
  • Ideal for thin or wide feet
  • Excellent adhesion on wet surfaces.
  • Perfect drainage
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Possibility of coming to screw nails in the 9 places provided. 
  • Excellent foot and ankle support.
  • Durable, quick-drying polyester canvas upper fabric.
  • Interior of the shoe is padded for comfort. 
  • Wide, glued and stitched stone-guard band with three topstitches.
  • Reinforced toe and heel caps for better foot protection. 
  • 1200 grams per pair (44)
  • Injected EVA foam midsole.


Please note that our shoes fit rather large, so take your street shoe size.

Product care

  • To care for and protect your shoes prevent premature wearwe recommend that youdry them in the shade. You can grease the seams from time to time to prevent them from drying out. Even better, apply seam grip or transparent silicone glue to the seams (3 needles of the stone guard

16 reviews for MICHELIN fishing shoes ATOP tightening

  1. Pascal Niaux -

    A week of fishing on the Chéran. Top shoes, like slippers!
    Good glide, but I'm going to add the nails to feel safer (63 years old, you're less agile!!!). Thanks F&F.

  2. David PERISSEL -

    Great shoes, very comfortable, great fit, great grip. Already tried and tested for me. Super-fast delivery. Bravo Field & Fish.

  3. nappats21 -

    Hello, I just received the shoes! Super product, well made! Test this weekend....

  4. Clemchoq -

    Top wading shoes, comfortable, lightweight, robust and with excellent grip.
    Good value for money, nothing to envy from the so-called big US brands.
    The insoles are a real plus in terms of comfort after hours on the water.

  5. Cédric DIANA -

    Great shoes! Very comfortable, light, excellent grip. You almost forget you're in the middle of a river! The lacing system is also very practical.
    As always, I am very satisfied with F&F products.
    Thank you Frédéric for your advice, whether on the phone, by email or at the shows.

  6. Alain -

    Very fast delivery of my order; the shoes are very light, lacing and unlacing very easy, but... I tried the shoes without nails on my first use on a river where felt soles were prohibited. Absolutely no grip on mossy rocks, the nailing is in-dis-pen-sa-ble for use in these conditions.

    • Field&Fish Customer -

      we offer a much better grip than classic rubber (+30%) but effectively on soft pebbles
      put nails or our easy grip net system

  7. Chopot -

    After several outings, I am very satisfied with these shoes. Compared to my old shoes (Adidas Terrex Hydrolace), they are much lighter with a better grip. The atop system is very easy to use and provides good support for the feet and ankle. Perfect as a complement to the 5C expert waders. Always nice to talk with Frederic who is very attentive to his customers.

  8. Eitragne -

    Disappointed by this item purchased in April 2022. In fact, one of the soles of these shoes came very loose during my last fishing trip. Despite all the care and maintenance I had already had to redo reinforcement stitches on two seams at the end of last season. It's a real shame, because at the outset, this item had nothing but qualities: the ATOP fastening system, the MICHELIN soles were very effective; their comfort was also very pleasant. Unfortunately, the sturdiness is not up to scratch after less than a year's use, which is not intensive.

  9. christian coulange -

    Super comfortable and very light, very practical lacing system, no difficulty to put the neoprene sock in the shoe. Good grip overall, really great.

  10. poette philippe -

    I ordered them on Thursday, received them on Friday and tested them the same day. Really comfortable, easy to put on, very light, very good support and especially an excellent grip on all terrains, nothing to do with my old Simms Freestone (very solid but also very slippery). A very satisfying first outing, to be seen in the long run.
    The reactivity of Field & Fish and the quality of the products, very good house

  11. RIVOIRE -

    As I have been for many years, I am always satisfied with the products designed by Frederic Leroy
    Shoes at the top of the top, comfortable, good maintenance of the ankle as well as the system of tightening ATOP that I already knew having had the model of before
    After tomorrow I will test them by walking in the water because before it was not allowed
    I'll let you know what I think
    Congratulations to Frederic and his team

  12. Georges PENET -

    I tried on these shoes and waders yesterday (finally). Great!
    Easy to put on and take off, comfortable, very good foot support thanks to the lacing system. Excellent grip of the soles on wet rocks. The waders are perfectly waterproof.
    Excellent product. Bravo

  13. didi2420 -

    A superb French quality and without being chauvinistic but objective, I went directly to St Jorioz and on the very good advice of the founder of the company, Frederic Leroy not to name him, I equipped myself with new Waders and its shoes which are the top of the top with its Michelin sole (it was necessary to think of it) which hangs very well any slippery rocks or bottom of river, more slipping, to forget the felts and the other gadgets (I also screwed the nail screws, (I also screwed in the nail screws, provided free of charge with the wading shoes, but without them the rock would have been held in place), I love these shoes, very easy to maintain, very comfortable, which is what I was looking for, very easy to put on and take off, even when wet, they seem very robust, 4 outings to date, they are perfect, but they need to be cleaned after each outing, which is what I do, because I want them to last over time, it's essential. Bravo Frederic Leroy for your products of great quality, your kindness, yours and your teams, your advice and the warm welcome in your company. In addition a good quality/price ratio. You can buy with your eyes closed

  14. Julien Verove -

    I've been testing them for 2 months, I've been on big rivers, torrents with big boulders, I'm very satisfied with these shoes.
    Very fast and efficient tightening with an excellent ankle support (important in torrent for me). The Michelin sole is flexible and grips incredibly well on dry or wet rocks. If you are on a slippery algae bottom, the nails allow you to stabilize well (case of the Isère at the beginning of the season).
    Being used to felt, I can say that I finally found a pair of rubber-soled shoes that match my expectations!

  15. gervais.lebas -

    Superb shoes, easy to put on and take off, inside you feel like in slippers, they are very light and the closing system is very practical. Pleasant to walk in. In the water feeling of safety, no feeling of slipping as I could know before.

  16. Alain -

    Very easy to put on and take off, the tightening is at the Top.
    After 2 uses, comfortable walking, good water evacuation and good grip on slippery stones.
    Remains to be seen after many uses, but I'm not too worried seeing the seams and finishes.

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