Polarized overglasses for fishing

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Polarized field and fish fishing goggles will go with you anywhere on the water to protect your eyes and allow you to see without being dazzled.

One size fits all glasses, UV protection 3 

color of the glasses :

- Brown accentuates contrasts and reduces glare considerably. People with myopia will choose this color.

- Gray decreases the brightness and intensifies the colors while unifying them. It is the shade that allows the most natural vision possible. It is very well suited to astigmatism.

- Green intensifies contrasts and limits visual fatigue. This color is generally recommended for contact lens wearers and farsighted people.

Technical details

Polarizing or polarized lenses stop the rays of light that have been reflected by a surface (the surface of the water when fishing, but it can also be the snow in the mountains or the pavement in a car ...) and that move along an axis different from the rays coming directly from the sun. Polarizing glass works as a filter that removes the reflected rays that are usually those that dazzle you. For fishing, this allows you to see the surface of the water without flickering and therefore to "see underwater". These types of glasses are therefore essential, especially for sight fishing, particularly for sight nymphing.

More generally, these glasses can be used in all situations where the light coming from the reflection on a surface is annoying or tiring, in particular for all nautical activities. They reduce visual fatigue due to intense sunlight and can therefore also be used for all outdoor sports. In the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, polarized glasses represent almost all the sales of sunglasses because of the visual comfort they provide.

It should be noted that these glasses do not allow to see the information displayed on liquid crystal screens used in particular in some vehicle dashboards.

Glass size:

height: 4 cms

length :6 cms

6 reviews for Polarized fishing goggles

  1. Field&Fish Customer -

    l ideal

    glasses perfectly adaptable to those of sight great comfort I am completely satisfied I recommend to 100%.

  2. Field&Fish Customer -

    Well thought out
    Good product, pleasant to wear and good filtration of the reflections

  3. Field&Fish Customer -

    Product conforms to the description and of good quality, very fast delivery. I recommend

  4. Field&Fish Customer -

    for eye protection

    Very practical product

  5. Field&Fish Customer -

    Well wrapped and prevents reflections. Top.

  6. Field&Fish Customer -

    After several tries, this product did not convince me

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