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You're probably wondering how to stop slipping on the rocks while fishing?

The answer is simple: Field and Fish invites you to discover our "Easy-grip" overshoes that grip on all terrains! They will become the essential accessory for your safety

Made from a composite material that is ultra-resistant and hydrophobic, these nets are coated with polyurethane, and the metal clips made of galvanized steel offer an optimal grip. We have modified the original product to suit our passion. Thus the pair "EASY GRIP" is one size fits all, for easy donning, an elastic cord with the possibility of adjusting the tension at the back and to hang it behind the shoe. Easy to store, you can put it in your fishing vestor in your waterproof bag or Chest pack. For those who do not want to attach nails to the soles of their fishing shoes, this is the ideal product.

The Easy Grip" overshoes The "Easy Grip" overshoes provide an excellent grip on all types of ground as well as on slippery river bottoms while remaining extremely fast to put on and take off. Please note that the product can wear out quickly on abrasive floors, but on the other hand it guarantees that you will not slip and therefore avoid falls.

The adjustment is easily done by an elastic strap and a velcro band. The very light 160 grams (per foot) structure perfectly fits the shape of your shoes, they are one size to fit all shoe sizes. These Easy Grip overshoes are compatible with river, climbing and everyday shoes.

They can be used with gloves. We have chosen for you quality, price and service! Are you looking for complete products? Then check out our range of river accessories!

8 reviews for EASY GRIP overshoes

  1. Field&Fish Customer -


  2. Rico -

    For me, who has bad knees, it's the right solution on slippery river bottoms, it improves confidence and fishing comfort!

  3. François -

    Very good product, really efficient on slippery stones, easy to put on and take off. Even if the ropes can end up breaking after several outings, it's better to have a pair in advance because of the price; a bad fall can cost much more...

  4. MICHEL -

    Efficient but fragile ! a dozen fishing trips in mountain streams have been fatal

    • Frederic LEROY -

      Hello, I agree with you but I have not found materials that ensure a perfect grip and that lasts over time,
      I think that all fishermen are ready to pay 2€ per fishing trip to avoid the fatal slip, it remains consumable

  5. Field&Fish Customer -

    Very good grip on slippery ground or stones
    Very practical and easy to use, very good grip on stones covered with algae.

  6. Field&Fish Customer -

    Effective but fragile Nothing to say about the effectiveness of this product. Tested in river with stones and rocks particularly slippery and the result is really positive. On the other hand, as of the 3rd fishing trip, 2 ropes broke on the back and a 3rd one is at the breaking point. However, with installation on the edge of the river and use only when going upstream and on the banks

  7. Field&Fish Customer -

    A good way to optimize waders with rubber boots. Good grip on the slippery stones of the Loire.

  8. Field&Fish Customer -

    After testing on a river with a slippery bottom, the grip is much better than my old shoes with felt and nails

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