Field and Fish products test in the Italian Piedmont!

Why go fly fishing in Piedmont when we have fabulous rivers here in Haute-Savoie? To test new products of course but not only! First of all for the charm and the welcome of our Italian neighbors and I will not only talk about the delicious Piedmontese specialities which enchant me every year. 



I am going to Italy in Piedmont for five years now and it is always with great pleasure that I meet my friend and fly fishing guide Marc Boesch. He kindly introduced me to the area and to his fishing guards, Roberto and Stefano who watch over their beautiful rivers .

The latter distribute the fishermen according to the fishing pressure. This way, you will never have 10 fishermen in your way. If you meet 2 or 3 it will be already a lot! Concerning the program of your stay, it will be established with Marc, on arrival. As for me, I took a good friend with me, to whom I made discover this passion which is dry fly fishing. I have as much pleasure to see him cheat his trout as if it was me, especially with his own flies. You have understood that this stay is above all a moment of sharing, exchange and also the pleasure to try new products.

I had brought for the occasion my new pocket chest with removable backpack to test and which will be proposed to you soon. For fishing, the most grumpy will say that the Italian rivers are full of discount fish, but not that, and as I often say, "fly fishing for all is fishing for no one". In short, I met many of our fishing compatriots with the banana of having been able to fight bows and farios in good shape, what else ? As far as I am concerned I have my secret garden there, in which I find myself completely.




You can imagine that I am not going to tell you the exact location of this idyllic spot, not because I don't want to but because the terrain is difficult to access and requires a guide. On the other hand, I invite you to contact Marc Boesch who will do it perfectly. There, you will not see trout from ponds but only small wild trout in a clear water to make rise on your dries. This is my fishing, for those who know me. A very discreet approach, a good observation of the surroundings, my 8.6 bamboo rod (thanks to Bernard Rigal) and a natural DT silk line from "ver à soie ". And my favorite fly for this kind of fishing which comes from my friend and fishing guide Serge Rollo, so well named: "3 in 1".

It is easy to see (especially from the angler), easy to assemble and a single fly is sufficient in several sizes.

The difficulty begins by trying to find a small path to go down to the bottom of the valley, which turns out to be very steep (you should not venture down alone). Once down you have a feeling of loneliness as you find yourself in a place where few fishermen have passed. You go up the river fishing all the gullies meticulously, with beautiful surprises believe me! Physically it's challenging, you climb big boulders, being careful not to slip. We were equipped with our new shoes with MICHELIN soles, which have certainly proved their worth! We covered an average of about 10 km per day, which is equivalent to a nice hike on flat ground, and in the evening we were quite tired. In these conditions of fishing, it is necessary to think of having the minimum of weight. It is therefore out of the question to take all your equipment with you, a fly box is enough and a few terrestrials.with sedge, ignita and a few terrestrials. The landing net is not useful, but do not forget a light rain jacket and a water bottle. Here you will not need waders and a 3 layer pants is enough.

So I took my new prototype chest pack with removable back, really practical. Nothing is missing, a large magnetic pocket in front, with two other pockets behind closed by YKK zippers. There is an accessory hook on the sides. Everything is in its place, well balanced on the shoulders thanks to the backpack in which I had slipped a water bottle and rain jacket. The only disadvantage that I find on these chest-pack generally, it is the fact of not seeing your feet while moving. It does not replace a vest for me which remains the essential when you go a full day to fish different spots.

I hope I was able to share some of my experience with you, if you want more information, don't hesitate to contact our friend Marc below.

Halieutically - Frédéric Leroy

Marc Boesch - Fishing guide - 0680059781 -



Vinciane Ramet

Vinciane Ramet

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