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4-layer Japanese fabric

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These breathable 4-layer waders waders use the latestultrasonic assembly and weldingThis technique, previously reserved for the American market (Orvis, Redington), eliminates the need for sewing thread.

In fact, from now on, we'll be using a method known as "edge-to-edge seams", with no fabric protrusion for greater seam durability . Vou'll find double inner bands on the main seams for added strength.

Their single heel fused to the reinforced sole eliminates any point of weakness, while 3M reinforcement strips attest to their robustness. With anti-gravel neoprene gaiters and 3.5mm socks with shoe hooks, you're fully protected. Seams reinforced with two heat-welded bands guarantee unparalleled durability. They include a wide, neoprene-reinforced "biker" lumbar belt to support your loins, and a waterproof chest pocket for stowing your gear. The removable waterproof inner pocket is ideal for cell phones and sensitive items. You'll find a second waterproof chest pocket with the Field&Fish logo.

This waders comes in a mesh bag containing :

  • A floor mat.
  • A wide neoprene waistband to relieve back strain and keep the waders in place.

You have the possibility to transform it into pants thanks to its removable straps.

In the inside pocket, you'll also find a repair kit in case of snags or leaks. The kit includes heat-sealable strips and a tube of glue. Our maintenance and repair tips for your fishing equipment can be found here.

Warranty : 1 year

Technical details

Weight: 1,4 kg

For more details, here are the technical characteristics of the 4 layers fabric (4L) used for the ultra sonic waders

ASF861 C6 HPL 4L
high-density mini oxford
Yarn:FDN70d/48f X N70d/72f/2ply/168*63
Content: 100% Nylon WEIGHT:182g/m2
Waterproofness:over 30000MM
Breathability: 5000G

Product care

How do I dry my waders?

To dry your made-to-measure breathable waders, place them in a dry, ventilated area. Do not place them on a heat source or let them dry in direct sunlight, as this could damage the seams.


  • Before cleaning, zip up the front of the garment and close the pockets and underarm vents.
  • Attach flaps and straps.
  • Machine wash at 40°C.
  • Use a small amount of liquid detergent (technical detergent tech Wash)
  • Rinse twice and choose a moderate spin speed
  • Do not use washing powders, fabric softeners, stain removers or chlorine.
  • Do not wash your garment at the same time as other heavily soiled garments.



  • Lay out your garment or tumble dry on a moderate temperature, delicate program.
  • Do not dry at high temperatures.
  • Once dry, tumble dry for a further 20 minutes to revive the long-lasting water-repellent (DWR) treatment.
  • If no tumble dryer is available, iron with a soft iron.
  • Place a cloth or towel over the garment to protect it.
  • No steam.
  • Move on to this step as soon as you feel the water repellency needs to be reactivated.



  • If water no longer beads and slides on the surface after washing, you will need to renew the long-lasting water-repellent treatment.
  • Use the product Tx.Direct PFC-free
  • After application, tumble dry for 20 minutes to activate the DWR treatment.
  • Or iron the garment when it's dry, setting the iron to "delicate" (moderate heat, no steam) and interposing a towel or cloth between the iron and the garment.
Chest circumference 98 112 116 124 136
Waist circumference 96 110 114 120 130
Lap pool 96 110 114 124 130
Thigh circumference 56 62 68 72 74
Calf circumference 42 46 50 52 54
Inseam height 81 85 87 91 93
Size 38/39 40/41 42/43 44/45 46/47

18 reviews for Ultrasonic 4-layer breathable waders

  1. jeanluc.guinier -

    Super waders. After two seasons of intensive fishing (numerous sessions of 6 to 7 consecutive days without rinsing in clean water or drying worthy of the name because of roaming in a van), I only had a very slight detachment of the iron-on adhesive (about 4-5mm) at the end of a neoprene sock, which was quickly glued back on with an iron set to wool. F&F quality is no legend!

  2. Chippaux Yves -

    2nd waders at Field & fish the first one made me 7 years, it was a 5 layers at the end it is the seams which gave up. I've just bought my second one, a 4-layer ultra sonic, and after ten or so outings, no worries. Very satisfied with the product.

  3. dd.rouze -

    Tested in action on the Verdon and Sorgues du Vaucluse rivers.
    Very good waders.
    Would it be possible to add a ring to hook the landing net at waist level?

  4. David PERISSEL -

    Top-quality waders, super-fast shipping and very good telephone exchange for some additional recommendations.
    Simply put, you can order with your eyes closed - you won't be disappointed.

  5. patricksajous75 -

    Waders bought this year, I was a bit worried about the size but on FF's advice, they fit like a glove!
    Super product in quality, flexibility, well cut and well thought out, ease of walking, nikels booties and they look solid compared to my old waders.
    Can't wait to try them out in fishing conditions 🎣🐟.
    I would definitely recommend this site, very good advice and available.

  6. Cédric DIANA -

    Another great product from F&F! Waders practical to put on, robust, waterproof, flexible, breathable. The best!
    As a bonus, the accessories are very practical and clever.
    Bravo and thanks again


    Waders purchased on 05/31/22. Product corresponding to my expectations, they are my 2nd Field and Fish waders. Comfort and ingenuity are there. Just a downside: my size is L but I wear size 44 so I had to buy a size XL, a little big for me. Would it be possible to have a larger range of sizes for the same shoe size: e.g. size L with size 44?

    • Frederic LEROY -

      thank you for your comment, it is complicated to manage several sizes of waders for one leg length
      that's why we offer a custom made waders service

  8. Crova -

    Excellent Waders, the second for me, light and pleasant even on long sessions.
    The shoes are a little bit big but it's not a problem.
    Ingenious and practical double strap system
    Exceptional value for money, the accessories provided are top notch,
    Very fast delivery,
    really a product to recommend!

  9. didi2420 -

    What can I say about his new Waders, that I just bought with the shoes and although very good, very very good I would say,
    comfortable, seems very resistant, light 4 layers for this Japanese fabric of very high quality. Doesn't store heat at all like my old neoprene waders (see this summer if my words prove me right) well designed with its double straps, if you have an urge, they fold down easily and can be transformed into pants if it's very hot. Field&Fish the practicality and quality I was looking for. In addition French product which surpasses by far the competition. You can buy with your eyes closed. Bravo

  10. RV74 -

    As always with this brand very well designed products and full of tricks with a good material that justify the price. My only regret is the lack of pocket in the back but that is justified by a fairly tight fit of the waders.

  11. Jean-Baptiste POURRE -

    I have been using these waders for 1 year, they are light, resistant and strong. The waterproof pocket is REALLY waterproof.
    The wadding belt offers a great fit.
    You can trust the field and fish team 100%!

  12. chestnut -

    In my humble opinion, the best value for money on the market, with undeniable comfort even on long sessions.

  13. Fargier -

    Very good;
    My second of the brand; the first one lasted 6 years. Lightweight, comfortable to wear, I recommend this product.

  14. Field&Fish Customer -

    Finally a waterproof pocket and moreover detachable!
    I don't have enough experience to evaluate the durability of the fabric, but the integrated and detachable waterproof pocket is practical, as well as the removable clips, which allows to lower the top of the waders at will

  15. Field&Fish Customer -

    Great product !!!
    I came back yesterday from a fishing trip in Slovenia, so I inaugurated my waders. I am very satisfied by its comfort and by the insulation in spite of a rather cold water. I can only recommend this product!

  16. Field&Fish Customer -

    a little wide at the level of the thighs misses a loop for a small belt but very good product

    • Frederic LEROY -

      thank you for your comment, but we voluntarily do not have loops because it pulls on the bottom when you bend down and additional seams
      can cause water to enter.

  17. Field&Fish Customer -

    I am for the moment very happy I made 3 intensive fishing trips in the sea and I stayed dry the shoes are very solid to see in time thank you

  18. Field&Fish Customer -

    Super product, good quality of materials used and many adjustments possible for people like me with a small size, the system to roll up the top or to do its needs is functional, light and breathable. Thank you to the after-sales service that has solved the problem of delivery with the company that delivers quickly All this for a price that I find very correct

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Chest circumference 98 112 116 124 136
Waist circumference 96 110 114 120 130
Lap pool 96 110 114 124 130
Thigh circumference 56 62 68 72 74
Calf circumference 42 46 50 52 54
Inseam height 81 85 87 91 93
Size 38/39 40/41 42/43 44/45 46/47

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